Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Chairman – Joseph Faimaw

Joe Faimaw is from Bugol, Tamil. He has been an active member in supporting youth affairs all his life, and has been with TYO for five years and counting. He believes the youth are full of potential and with the right amount of guidance in their surroundings can achieve many goals in life. He is retired and spends most of his time at home farming and enjoying the outdoors with his wife and four children.

Vice Chairman – John Faimau

Born in the summer of early 70's, John was raised by his grandparents. The oldest of 8 siblings, he has gone on to become a self-made businessman in the Island's construction and retail industry. A proud citizen of Tamil since his youth, he's become an active supporter and advocate of his Tamil youth. His constant search for new ideas and influences has led him to open his home to people from America, China, Philippines and Japan - people he considers family. He enjoys cooking, experimenting with ingredients, eating a good meal, and getting a good massage.

Secretary – Anne-Marie Laamar

Born in the late 70's, she is the oldest of 3 siblings. A new import to Tamil, she is the proud mother of two children. She is admittedly a terrible cook, but has her husband to thank for his skill in the kitchen. After twenty years in the work force, she now helps run the family business while spending time with the children. A novice to gardening, she would rather grow flowers than food much to her husband's dismay. In between running the family business, doing laundry, cooking her children's local food lunch, and figuring out how to add fractions again for her sixth grader's homework, she is curled up with a book or asleep.


Treasurer – Carmen Gurungin

Carmen Gurungin was born on a sunny June day in the 60’s. A native of Bugol Tamil, she enjoys working alongside people who share similar interests in life. She looks forward to retirement from her day job so she can enjoy other aspects of life such as visiting an amusement park that overlooks a coconut forest. She is passionate about climate change and its negative impact on our environment and in her spare time, enjoys gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Advisor-- Fabian Thinnifel

Fabian Thinnifel was born in the 70's and from the village of Maaq Tamil. He enjoys fishing with friends  and boat riding on weekends. He is busy  dealing with his Privately Owned business but has time for participating in any Tamil groups especially TYO group asking for his support. He  enjoys chatting with friends/family and is happily married.


President - Virginia P. Gechig

She was born late 70's on the beautiful island in the Pacific. Been mostly around the world, back to the island helping out the community. Love kids, spent almost 8 hrs 5 days a week with them.

Treasurer - Juliane Giley

Julianne Giley an amiable young lady in her 20’s. "Julie, as she is known and mostly called her by friends is a permanent resident of Bugol, Tamil municipality in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). She has been a part of the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) since birth of the organization back in the year 2011. She is a youth who loves to promote the advancement of youths in her community as well as her beloved municipality.

Secretary – Mendy Dugwen

Mendy Dugwen is from  Dechmur, Tamil located in the Federated States of Micronesia, Yap State. An athletic girl, hard working and a straight forward person. Loves kids and care for her family. In her spare time, Mendy helps around her community hoping for betterment and improvement.



Coordinator - Luke Anthony Pongchoay

An athletic father and a hardworking person. Loves his daughter and family. Does not spend time around strangers and he expect to learn new things from others.

Coordinator- Janessa R. Yow

Is a recent high school graduate. She was born on January 2nd, 1999. She lives in Dechmur,Tamil located in Federated States of Micronesia. She enjoys involving in her community activities, loves to socialize and work with others.

Coordinator-Marialyn Tiningmow

Marialyn Tiningmow is born and raised in Teb, Tamil. she loves spending time with her family, enjoys chatting with friends. She also loves to be involved in community related works, especially promoting local food to the youth in her community. She loves gardening, and likes making use of her time in everything she does, till the assigned task is completed.

GED Instructor- Michael Wiencek

Michael Wiencek is originally from Pennsylvania and has lived on Yap for the past 5 years.  He is the principal at Yap Catholic High School and also serves as the volleyball coach for the Men's State North team in Yap.  He is a member of TYO and coordinates the operation of the GED program.

Designer - Mercy Gamtin

Mercy Gamtin was born and raised in Weloy, Yap. She is currently a student, studying Agriculture at the College of Micronesia. During her free time, she loves working around the house and hanging out with her friends and family.



Consultant – Graham Gaines

Originally from Gainesville, Georgia, Graham came to Yap in 2014 as a marine scientist with Peace Corps Response. He now works for The Nature Conservancy, monitoring climate change adaptation in the Pacific. In his spare time, Graham goes mountain climbing in Tamil.

Consultant – Laurel Taylor

Laurel graduated college in 2015 and two weeks later was on a plane to Micronesia to serve as an English teacher in the Peace Corps. She was lucky enough to be placed in Tamil where she taught third grade. She loves to SCUBA dive with the manta rays and run through the villages of Tamil.She currently lives in New Orleans, but misses Yap all the time!

TYO Cafeteria Cooks: Opened January 2020-Present


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