Tamilang School Library Program

Tamilang Elementary School’s library was located in the old school building that is being remodeled for TYO’s free lunch program. It suffered great damage due to Typhoon Sudal, which destroyed 90% of Yap's infrastructure in 2004, leaving Tamil's students with very few reading resources. 

Recognizing the necessity of resources for the students and the importance of a library, TYO funded the completion of a new library attached to the school’s main office.


Working in conjunction with Habele, TYO was able to raise money selling t-shirts designed by one of our students. These shirts helped us pay for new books, in addition to the thousands that were generously donated by kind hearted people around the world and Half Price Bookstores.


The library was completed in 2017, and we look forward to expanding it with the completion of our new building.