Tamilang Elementary School

Free Lunch Program

One of our greatest accomplishments is the establishment of a free school lunch program for the children in our municipality. 


Tamilang Elementary School, consisting of 98 students in grades 1-8, is a central part of our community. When a group of teachers observed students coming to school without lunch, we knew we had to act. 


Pacific Islanders are growing more and more aware of the health crises facing our lands - with rising rates of diabetes and other noncommunicable diseases. We decided that a free school lunch program offering only healthy, local foods, would improve students' learning and overall health. So we made it happen!














Recently, Tamilang Elementary acquired new facilities because of the dated and dangerous state of the old school building. This old building remained in a condition hazardous to students and staff. TYO has begun remodeling this old building, making it into a kitchen and cafeteria. Blueprints have been drawn, meetings have been held in all the villages, and the community has agreed to donate all the food to make this happen. 

With the help of the United States Department of Agriculture, we have acquired a Rural Development grant covering the entire remodel. Matching funds have been provided by Yap CAP (Community Action Program), and we are thrilled to see our hardwork finally pay off. 

This new building will include a kitchen, cafeteria, stage, music room, recording studio,
library, and office space.

Dining Area(2).JPG
TYO Office.JPG

In August 2018, the Cafeteria building was finally completed. TYO is looking forward to put the facility in use once it is fully equipped. Tamilang Elementary School will become the first elementary school on Yap to have its own cafeteria.

In January 2020, The TYO cafeteria was finally launched and opened to the students of the Tamilang Elementary school which is an overall total of 100 sum students and staffs. TYO would like to extend their gratitude to the residing villages of Tamil Municipality for contributing local foods/meats from each scheduled month of the school year to be served. All villages are helpful in any way possible and this was the first Cafeteria opened here in The Federated States of Micronesia(FSM).

In November 2020, an outside kitchen was constructed to be able for local foods to be cooked on an local open fire stand with firewoods freshly picked on the savannah areas to make the foods more tastier and freshier. This was how Yapese people cooked long ago for we were not introduced to civilized methods.