Where the heck is Yap?

Yap is a small island located in the Caroline Island chain in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is one of four states that make up the Federated States of Micronesia. We have a population of just under 12,000.



Yap is known for its rich traditional culture, manta rays, and generous people. Many recognize Yap for its stone money, known as rai – large, carved discs of calcite that cover our island. Or perhaps you’re a World War II buff, and know of Yap’s significance as the site of a Japanese airstrip that was repeatedly bombed by the United States.

For Yapese people, family and community are the most important things. Tamil Youth Organization reinforces these values by providing opportunities for our young men and women to learn and grow.

Tamil makes up a little over 1,200 of Yap’s residents. It is made up of 12 villages: Madlay’, Thol, Maa’, Dilaeg, Dechmur, Bugol, Aff, Meerur, Teb, Doomchuy, Dabach, and Gargey.


TYO is active in all of Tamil’s villages and is in the process of extending our reach into greater Yap by working in conjunction with other youth organizations and offering new opportunities to the entire island.